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  1. The building should be built leaving open spaces on all sides. To the north side, The open space should be more whereas it could be less in the south more open space should be left in the east than the west side of the plot.

  2. The building height should be more on the south and west. And it should be less in north and east.

  3. Roof terraces should be left towards north or east not towards south or west. Balconies should be located towards east or north. Towards east and north window openings should be more in number. And it should be less towards west and south.

  4. Walls should be thicker on west & south and it should be thinner on east and north sides.

  5. There should be more doors, and windows towards north & east side. Doors should be less in number towards west or south.

  6. Gate should be on the northeast direction. For south road facing the gate should be on south or southeast but not on the south west.
    If the road is facing the west , the gate should be in west or in the North-West, not in south west.

  7. Master bed room should be on the south west. Kitchen should be in the southeast. Shrine room should be on the north east bathroom should preferably be on the east. Varandah should be in north or east. Varandah roof should be in north or east. Varandah roof should be lower than others.

  8. Number of doors or windows should be even.

  9. Portico should be in north east, east or north. Roof level of the portico should be less than the ordinary roof level.

  10. Staircase should be in southwest.

  11. Water tank is preferred either in south or west.

  12. Out houses could be build in south east or north west. Make sure that they don't touch north and east walls. Their height should be less than the main house. For garages the same principle applies.

  13. Septic tanks should be in north west or southeast.

  14. Water sumps should be in the northeast below the ground level.
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