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The Colombo Metropolitan Regional Plan in Brief


The mission of the Colombo Metropolitan Regional Structure Plan is "to develop the most urbanized region of Sri Lanka, known as the Colombo Metropolitan Region, to confidently enter the 21st Century with a vision, articulated strategy and an action plan to fulfil the socio economic and spatial needs of the region and to provide the people in the region a living environment which is sustainable and beneficial to the nation as a whole".

The above mission of the Colombo Metropolitan reflects the objectives of the Urban Development Authority and the Ministry of Housing and urban Development. These objectives have been formulated from policy statements of the Government and the guidelines of the World Bank and other international funding agencies.


The overall objective of the Colombo Metropolitan Regional Structure Plan ((CMRSP) s to design a Strategic Physical Plan and prepare an Action Programme for the development of the region with a view to meet the aspirations and improving the quality of life of the people of the Western Province and the people of Sri Lanka.

The principal objectives of the proposed Structure Plan for the Colombo Metropolitan Region are as follows:-

Objective 1

Provide Opportunities for Increased Economic Development, Employment Generation and Improved Living Standards and Quality of Life for all Inhabitants of the CMR.

The capital region has a highly educated population and has recently witnessed a significant growth of employment in the industrial townships and elsewhere. There is still an unacceptable level of unemployment and a significant number of with low incomes households in the region, which demonstrate that the region is yet to reach its potential of leadership in a fast growing national economy. This has been addressed in the structure plan through spatial planning. It identifies growth centres attractive to new industrial investment and assesses the infrastructure requirements for opening up of land for economic development. Spatial planning also guides improvements in regional transportation that enables the efficient integration of economic activities in the region.



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