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ANNEXURE 1 of Schedule III

A. A Plan should be submitted  showing all roads and intersections thereof, upto a distance of 100 metres from  each entry or exit proposed for the development.  The plan should also indicate the following features using the given legend.

1. Pedestrian Crossing (PC)

2. Bus halts (BH) Bus shelters (BS) and bus bays (BB)

3. Driveways and other private roads (DR)

4. Sidewalks (SW)
5. Guard rails for Sidewalks (GR)
6. Road Signs, Signals and Road Marking
7. Width of Roads (in metres)
8. Centre median (if any) (CM) 
9. No parking areas (with times) (NP)

10. Intersection (types)

11. Trees

12. Hierarchy of roads

13Close by public spaces by name

14. Lamp post and road
15. Manholes

B.  A site plan to a scale of  1:100 showing the following;

1. All entrances and Exits (marked with arrows)
2.   Parking Stall Arrangement by designated vehicle type and numbered with the prefix (S- Standard; C- Two Axle Commercial vehicles; T-Multi Axle Truck-Trailers)
3. On-site traffic circulation indicated with arrows
4. Dimensions of Parking Stalls
5. Wdth of Aisles
6Security Barriers
7. Parking Ticket Issue and Payment Method; and locations
8. Area of Security Checking and Parking Ticketing
9. Areas Designated for Passenger Pick up/Drop off only.
10. Width, Length and Gradient of Ramped sections
11. Clear and unobstructed entry distance (without barriers, ramps) from edge of street
12. Inner and Outer radius of entry and exit locations to street (in metres) 

C. For Multi-storey or Basement parking , a side elevation of the scale of 1:100 should be submitted, showing 

            1 Length and Gradient of each ramp         

            2 Minimum Clearance Height of each ramp 

D. Calculations for determining the number of parking spaces required for type and extent of proposed development.

E. Schedule of Parking Provided.


Vehicle Type





Ground Floor

1st Floor

2nd Floor


Standard (S)







Commercial Two Axle (C)






Commercial Multi Axle (T)













Note:     A basement used for parking and for the location of the air conditioning plant or other service machinery may be permitted in addition to the floor area ratio permissible. 

If a permanent parking space is provided under these regulations as specified in Schedule III at the level of any floor in a building, such parking place shall be excluded from the calculation of the floor area ratio.



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