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Part IV - Building Regulations

Open spaces to be provided



In every building to be erected on a lot wherever an open yard or space is provided for in and around the building, the position and the dimension of it shall be in accordance with the plans approved by the Authority under these regulations and provisions of regulation 35 and 'Form "C ".


In the case of building where an open space is intended to be provided on the site for purpose of access, maintenance of the building in separating it from adjoining properties, such open space shall in no case be less than 1.0 m. in width.

Boundary Clearance



The boundary clearance required to be provided in building shall be as stipulated in Form "C " of Regulation 35 and as required by the Code of Fire Precaution for Buildings.

Overhangs and other sun-shading devices for buildings


Notwithstanding the provisions of regulation 40 the overhangs, canopies, wings or other sun-shading devices of a building shall be permitted to project up to 1.0 m. beyond the building line, provided that the roofing materials used are of the non-combustible type.

Rear space



For the purpose of this regulation the rear of the building shall be deemed to be the face which is further from any street on which the building is situated; provided that where the building is situated on more than one street the rear of the building, unless the Authority, authorises or directs, shall be deemed to be the face which is furthermost from the widest portion of such street.

Irregular Shape


In sites of irregular shapes where it is impracticable to provide an open space to the entire width of the rear, the Authority may direct that the open space of the rear shall be left as it deems appropriate, having regard to the circumstances of the case.

Width of footway required to be provided



Any uncovered footway or (arcade ) verandah-way required to be provided and constructed shall be -

(a) located within the building lot;

(b) continuous along the entire portions of the building lot abutting the street or as otherwise directed by the Authority.

Access from a Street


Every building to be erected on a lot which does not abut a public street shall have access from a private street and the means, nature and width of the access shall be in accordance with a sub-division plan and private streets approved by the Authority. The owner of such building lot shall have legal right over such street.

Splayed corners



Where a building is erected at the junction of two streets and in the case where the degree of splay or rounding off is not shown on the Development Plan or any statutory document the corner of such building shall be splayed or rounded off as provided in Section 32,to a height of not less than 6.0 m above the street level.


a fence or boundary wall not exceeding 2 metres in height may be permitted on the street line.



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