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Part V - Mechanical Ventilation and Air - Conditioning

Natural light and ventilation requirements may be waived or modified



Where air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation or artificial lighting is installed, or intended to be installed in a building, the provisions of these Regulations relating to natural light and ventilation and the height of rooms may be waived or modified at the discretion of the Authority if-

Mechanical ventilation for a residential room

(a) such installation is in accordance with the relevant provisions of these Regulations, having regard to the particular type of occupancy of the building or part thereof; and

(b) the owner of the building has given an undertaking to the Authority affirming that he will comply fully with the relevant provision of these Regulations when the air-conditioning unit, mechanical ventilation system or artificial lighting is no longer in use.


In a room used for residential purposes where fresh air is obtained by mechanical means supplying a minimum of 3 air change per hour,the openings of the natural ventilation sources may be reduced to half of that specified in paragraph (a) to (c) of regulation 54, as the case may be, but shall not in any case be less than 0.5 square meters.

Other rooms requiring to be mechanically ventilated


Except as specified in paragraph (2) of regulation 62, mechanical ventilation shall -


be provided in every room, staircase, corridor or lobby where the relevant requirements for natural ventilation under these Regulations are not met;


in other cases, be provided in accordance with the other provisions of these Regulations or as may be required by the Authority.

Plans for air-conditioning or other ventilation system


Plans for the installation, extension or alteration of an air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation or other ventilation system shall be prepared by a qualified person and submitted to the Authority for approval in accordance with the relevant provisions of these Regulations.



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