Cross section of McFroil sibgle sided roof insulation
Product Description McFoil Roof Innsulation sheets are manufactured by laminating thermally expanded Low-Density Polyethylene resin extruded in sheet form with Aluminum or metallised polyester foil. The non-cross linked polyethylene foam sheets consist of innumerable closed cells.
Product Function The Double Action Heat barrier provided from MccForm is achieved by the reflection of radint heat on ht eAluminium / Metallized polyester foil (Aluminium foil reflects nearly 90% of radiant heat & light) and the low Thermal Coductivity of polyethylene form. McFoil also resist

McFoil Heat Insulation is the double action heat barrier for roofing applications. Itís Are you experiencing excessive heat buildup inside your home? Or "Are you facing a HEAT-LOSS in your home or building during the winter?" Chances are, your roof is not properly insulated! McFoil could be your answer. Contact-us for details. 

Both products share common characteristics of excellent elasticity, shock absorption, thermal insulation and are weather proof. McBolon also manufactures bubble wrapping (McWrap) material through an extrusion process of low density polyethylene.

All three products have a virtually unlimited range of applications and is of particular significance to the Architectural, Civil Engineering, Air Conditioning & Leisure Industries


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