Now manufactured for the first time in Sri Lanka, to stringent quality standards, McBolon Polymer's McWrap is a unique form of packaging. It is manufactured by applying a vacuum to sheet polyethylene to trap air in the material.This creates a unique bubble or blister type sheet, which not only protects but also insulates.

Previously, would-be users would have had to go through the formalities of opening LCs and having to pay high export duty to import this product. Not anymore. McWrap is now readily available, in whatever quantities, for whichever application you desire. It is that versatile.

Is readily available - Ample quantities are manufactured and are
readily available.Customers requirements are only a 'phone call' away.

o Is light weight - McWrap is extremely light, yet strong.

o Has a cushioning effect -The trapped air bubbles provide an excellent cushioning effect.
o Has an insulating effect -The air bubbles also provide an ideal insulating function.

o Can be manufactured to any colour specification - McWrap is
extremely versatile and could be manufactured to suit customer's colour code or specifications.

o Can be manufactured to any required length - Could be
manufactured to lengths specified.

Marketed as McWrap, it offers a unique form of protection that is both .~', economical as well as versatile.You could McWrap
your products and double its protection. Products such as machine parts, electronic goods, sports goods, furniture, ceramic, glassware and other fragile goods, can be protected by Mcwrap.

Mcwrap packaging gives your products total protection from damage in transit or rough

Packaging - Goodbye old newspapers -iello McWrap. McWrap is the ideal packaging material.
The trapped air bubbles provide the perfect cushioning effect that protects your fragile merchandise.

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